FICQ President Mr Shyam Das (right)

FICQ President Mr Shyam Das (right)

Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has affected the normal life throughout the world. Even though every country is taking reasonable steps to stop this pandemic, people are scared, worried and looking for a solution desperately.

Only solution is, as per the medical experts, to stay calm and follow the medical advice. The infection is spreading like wildfire but it is preventable. Be cautious, avoid crowd, as the disease is infectious, travel only if absolutely necessary, maintain a high degree of hygiene, drink plenty of water, if you see any symptoms, contact the medical experts immediately, and lastly, keep monitoring the website for coronavirus updates.

People who have existing medical conditions, like diabetes, etc., need to be extra careful. Prevention is always better than cure. Our Federation of Indian Communities of Queensland, with the support of the member organisations, has developed two separate forums to support both the wider Indian community and the international Indian students; our Indian High Commission Office is on board as well and is constantly liaising with the federation.

In conclusion, I can only request everyone to support each other, however you can. It is an extremely difficult time for everyone, but united we will get through it. Remember, to serve mankind is to serve God.

Shyam Das
President, Federation of Indian Communities of Queensland (FICQ)