Southbank Parklands 2At the Buddha Birth Day Festival held on May 3-5, Southbank Parklands was lit up with red happiness and peace lanterns to signify the importance of happiness and peace on Earth.

Visitors were able to enjoy the various multicultural performances held throughout the day, nibble on some of the finest vegetarian cuisine at the food and fun fair, become spiritually connected with themselves and the world at the blessing ceremonies, participate in cultural activities such as tea meditation and calligraphy and do much more.

Buddha’s Birth Day is the most significant day of the year for Buddhists, with celebrations for the birth, enlightenment and death of Sakyamuni Buddha, the Founder of Buddhism. For it is his teachings that have given Buddhists the opportunity to truly understand the importance of happiness and peace within society.

Since 1997, the festival, which is meant for everyone, regardless of age, religion or cultural background, has been supported by the Brisbane City Council and Queensland State Government as well as corporate entities.