Resized_20191122_100908_72956476388892Hindu Society of Queensland, in conjunction with Brahman Purohit Sabha of Queensland, performed Indra pooja last month for relief from drought and fires and also peace prayer for victims who have been affected by bushfires in Queensland and New South Wales.

Hawan yag and peace prayer was held at Gayatri Mandir, and prayer, jaap and 108 ahuti was led by Pt Sanat Pandey, Pt Suresh Shandil, Pt Brijesh Maharaj and other invited purohit.

Prasad and mahaprasad (lunch) was provided to the devotees.


2020 calendar of events at Gayatri Mandir / Hindu Society of Qld

Weekly programs

1. Every Tuesday, from 7pm: Ramayan and Kirtans
2. Every Friday, from 7pm: Ramayan and Kirtans
3. Every Sundays, 4pm to 6pm: Kirtans and Aarti

Major Programs

1. Shree Ram Naomi: 25 March to 2 April
2. Hanumaan Jayanti: 8 April
3. Grand Musical Nite: Date and venue to be announced (early June)