What makes Rajasthan so special for people planning a big, fat Indian wedding? What are the ways Rajasthan adds a dash of royalty, glamour, and flamboyance to the wedding ceremonies? Aena Malhotra explores.

Having an extravagant, illustrious, dream-like, and opulent wedding is every woman’s dream. Who doesn’t want to make regal memories of the most special day of one’s life?  Right goes the dictum that marriages are made in heaven, but if you are planning to tie the knot the royal way, Rajasthan is what you need.

Besides its rich and colorful heritage, stunningly beautiful forts and palaces, world’s renowned wildlife parks and sanctuaries, and an inviting trail of customs and traditions, this kingly state of India has much more to offer. Hardly anyone who visits Rajasthan returns without being mesmerised by its rich cultural and architectural aura. Over the years there has been an increasing interest among people from all corners of the world to choose Rajasthan as their wedding destination, and the trend is still catching up. Be it international celebrities and socialites including the likes of Vikram Chatwal and Priya Sachdev, Russell Brand and Katy Perry, Arun Nayar and Elizabeth Hurley, or passionate common folks, Rajasthan has become an irresistible wedding destination stop.

So what makes it so special? If the sand dunes and camels adorning the vast Thar desert that trails across Rajasthan do not leave you spellbound, wait till you encounter the mystique aura that envelops this grandeur-emanating state, or for the colors of Rajasthani culture to sweep you off your feet.

Rajasthan and a Royal Wedding

To make an unforgettable wedding destination for you and the love of your life, Rajasthan has all you need and much more–right from a rich cultural history, heart-warming hospitality, never-before-seen architectural wonders to not-to-be-missed traditional cuisine, inimitably colorful culture, heart-stealing Rajasthani customs and traditions, and the regal charm that this state so effortlessly reflects.

A typical royal Rajasthani wedding inevitably offers you an almost dream-like experience. Irrespective of one’s caste, creed or religion, the localities and those involved in hospitality make sure that the bride and the groom are offered no less than a prince- and princess-like treatment. Flower-showers, decked up palaces or forts that serve as the wedding venues, eloquent lunch and dinner spreads to leave your guests gasping in surprise, royal animals including elephants, camels and horses marching in the wedding procession, and regal costumes and traditional jewelry for bride, groom, and their families are some of the key highlights that attract love-birds to witness their convivial ceremonies in Rajasthan.

It is on account of reasons like these that millions of couples across the globe can’t help eyeing upon this kingly Indian state as their wedding destination. What makes their dream come true is the plethora of economic options that wedding planners and co-ordinators in India offer to the prospective families aiming to engage Rajasthan in their familial festivities. Among the preferred wedding destination cities in this regal state, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Udaipur, and Jaisalmer rule the roost. It is here that most of the privately owned and easily available forts or palaces are available for private celebrations. So if you too are planning to tie the knot in an interesting and unforgettable way, do consider Rajasthan as one of your wedding stops, and the rest would be history!

Let the deserts and winds of the royal Rajasthan create a royal wedding experience for you and your beloved. Go ahead and steal the show as you take the world by a storm with a dream-come-true wedding!