still image from a brisbane man video posted on Facebook

A still image from a video posted on Facebook of an altercation with a man who yells “your boys be starting s*** on me bro”. Video: Facebook

Disturbing footage has emerged of a South Sudanese man being abused by a man he says followed his wife and children home from childcare in Brisbane.

Dave Anei filmed an altercation with a man who yells “your boys be starting s*** on me bro”.

It follows weeks of tension over reports of an African youth gang crisis in Melbourne which has erupted into a political debate and prompted Victorian police to establish an African-Australian community taskforce.

In one of two videos posted online by Mr Anei, the man walks up to his door and begins banging on it, threatening to rip off his screen door.

Mr Anei asks the man to leave his property, asking him what his problem is.

“My problem is your boys be starting s*** on me bro,” the man responds.

Mr Anei asks: “What boys? What boys, can you tell me what boys?”

The man says he does not know their names, but they are “f***ing walking up there to civic with knives and s****”.

He then tells Mr Anei: “I know they are your boys”.

As the conversation continues the man then yells: “I don’t give a f**** who your African boys are mate … do you know who us Aussie c**** are mate?”

The man then lists a number of outlaw motorcycle gangs.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton last week spoke about African gang violence in Melbourne and said people were scared to go out to restaurants for dinner at night because of gangs. 

Mr Anei posted the video online and said he blamed the Federal Government for the incident.

A Queensland Police Service spokesman said: “Police are aware of an incident in Inala yesterday afternoon and have spoken to the victim overnight who does not wish to make a complaint at this stage.”

The spokesman said investigations were continuing.