SES workers chainsawing power pole

SES workers use a chainsaw on a power pole in Fern Tree. Courtesy: ABC News: Cameron Gooley

Ben Lomond ski lodge staff faced a harrowing night as wild winds lifted part of a roof and sent corrugated sheets of iron flying. Wild weather has also left 2,300 properties without power across the state overnight.

In the early hours of the morning a cold front moved across the state, bringing severe winds with it.

“Flea” from the Ben Lomond ski lodge posted on social media about the conditions at Tasmania’s biggest ski destination.

“The building has had the crap blown out of it!

“Started in unit 2 Graeme’s side and it is just wobbling to buggery as there are (sic) not any real substance to the building.

“We have been saying for years it is well past [its] use-by date. We are evacuating, too dangerous!”

The highest wind gust reported so far — 163 kph — was at Maatsuyker Island in the far south of the state.

Hobart experienced gusts of 93 kph and there were 131 kph winds at kunanyi/Mt Wellington.

Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) forecaster Rachel McInerney said that while the worst is over, the bad weather will remain for most of the morning.

“The peak of the winds are pretty much over — they were mostly associated with that front crossing this morning,” Ms McInerny said.

“But that doesn’t mean it won’t be windy — we are still expecting some potentially damaging wind gusts, particularly through the morning period, but through the afternoon and evening those wind gusts will gradually ease.”

SES spokesman Leon Smith urged people to remain prepared for any damaging winds forecast this morning.

“Prepare yourselves and ensure you keep abreast of the emerging warnings, and maintain awareness of the environment in which you are working and living,” he said.

He said that while the SES did not receive many calls overnight, they are expecting more this morning as the weather continues.

“Nothing of any great significance at this point, and those wind speeds are a lot lower than what was forecast, but we’re expecting a peak as predicted some time this morning where we’ll see an increase in workload.”

“As per the forecast from the BOM, the anticipated high winds with those peak gusts of 110 to 120 kph were forecast for around 5am this morning.”