Teenagers save neighbour after house turns into flaming inferno

Jacob Wilton-Johnson and his friends were camping in their backyard when they noticed the fire around 5am today. Courtesy: 9NEWS

A group of teenagers saved a woman from her Queensland home this morning after it caught fire and burst into a flaming inferno within minutes.

Jacob Wilton-Johnson and his friends were camping in their backyard in Stafford Heights, north of Brisbane, when they noticed flames coming from a neighbour’s property around 5am today. 

The boys leapt into action ensuring the female occupant was able to safely escape the home. 

“We were in the backyard and we saw her get out and that’s when us three ran around and knocked on people’s houses to tell them to get out of the house,” Jacob told 9NEWS.

“We were out the front at one stage but it just got real hot and we got told to move back. 

“It just went up real quick.”

Five fire emergency crews were called to the scene to battle the blaze, which consumed the entire home within minutes. 

It took authorities just under an hour to bring the inferno under control.

Today fire investigators are attending the scene in an attempt to determine the cause of the fire, which has left the house significantly damaged.