Tamil Oli sets family gathering at serene Bullocky Rest

Tamil Oli started in 1986 running a 45-minute program.

Tamil- Oli is part of the community radio station Radio4EB, Tamil Oli started in 1986 running a 45-minute program. Then 1-hour program in 1997. 

Gradually grew to 2 hours program in 2007. Since Oct 2016 it has expanded to broadcasting 7 hours per week. It is broadcasted on GLOBAL all days expect Tuesday and Thursday from 7PM-8PM and on FM98.1 Friday 4PM-5PM and Sunday 9PM-10PM. Based on the “On Demand” statistics from Radio4EB, among the 50 ethnic languages supported by Radio4EB, Tamil Oli holds 1st place in terms of listening hours(GLOBAL-Digital broadcast) and is placed within the top-10 for the FM broadcast.

Recently, on the 28th of October Tamil Oli held their Broadcasters(BCs) family gathering at Bullocky Rest. The family gathering was set in a beautiful location right near a lake around a 40 min drive from Brisbane CBD; there was a range of fun activities which entertained not only children but adults as well. The aim of the family gathering was for all the BCs to meet and share information, recognize family’s contribution to BCs, and encourage the young children to one day also become a broadcaster. This gathering allowed new young broadcasters to meet other broadcasters of Tamil-Oli and gain some knowledge on what it is like to broadcast and what to expect when they begin to broadcast too.

Written By – Rakesh Suresh ( Radio4EB Tamil-Oli Youth Broadcaster)