stolen laptop mystery arrested

A laptop stolen from a RAAF officer has not been recovered even though a man who tried to tamper with it has been arrested.
Courtesy: BrianAJackson

Almost three years after a man was in possession of a stolen classified military laptop, police caught up with him while he was visiting family on the Coast.

On March 23, 2014, an Apple laptop was stolen from the Penrith home of a Royal Australian Air Force officer which contained “sensitive information”, a court heard.

A security feature on the device captured a webcam image every time the computer was tampered with and sent its GPS location via email to the organisation.

Jake Leon Keymes, 22, was identified attempting to access the computer four days after it was stolen from an address in Petrie near Brisbane.

Despite a search of the address, police were unable to find Keymes or the “distinctive” clothes he was wearing in the photo.

The Sydney father-of-two was arrested the next month and bailed on unrelated matters, but never showed up for court.

During a family visit to the Sunshine Coast in December last year, Keymes was arrested and co-operated with police, however, the computer was never found.

Keymes – who has one page of Queensland criminal history – today pleaded guilty in Maroochydore Magistrates Court to one count of receiving tainted property.

Magistrate Matthew McLaughlin took into account that Keymes had been fined $1500 in Pine Rivers Magistrates Court for similar offences around the same time he would have faced court for receiving the laptop and fined him $500.