Stalker jailed over fake profiles directing men to rape his ex

Ryan Kotynski arrives at court to be sentenced for stalking Robyn Night. Courtesy: Jorge Branco

A Queensland man has been sentenced to four years behind bars after setting up fake adult website profiles of his former partner, who was left “living in fear” as dozens of random men turned up to her house expecting sex.

In some cases, the profiles directed men to rape, gang rape, or torture the woman, whose address and phone number were also published online.

Her face was superimposed onto naked women and she was described as an “extreme no limit slave pig” with “no rights whatsoever” and left afraid to leave the house for fear of being raped.

Ryan Kotynski, 42, pleaded guilty to stalking Robyn Night, misusing her identity and possessing child exploitation material, which was discovered when police searched his home in relation to the stalking.

The Redland Bay man admitted to setting up the online profiles and giving the passwords to others to do what they liked but denied uploading the images and making some of the worse comments. Judge Leanne Clare said she did not see much difference.

Many of the websites remained online as Kotynski was sentenced in the Brisbane District Court on Friday for what the judge labelled a “deeply disturbing” act of revenge.

His victim first went to the police in 2011 but was told they couldn’t do anything.

Kotynski wasn’t charged until October 2015, following another complaint and eventual investigation by detectives at another police station.

Mrs Night was on the verge of tears as she recounted the three years and 11 months when she didn’t know who was behind her torment.

“I know what it is like to live in absolute fear,” she said, sitting and reading from a victim impact statement as her husband stood behind, his hand on her back for support.

“I know what it is like to put my life on hold because you’re too scared to go out of the house.”

The offending continued after Mrs Night fell pregnant and she estimated it led to more than 50 men turning up at her house thinking they had been speaking to her online.

She set up a security camera and left a note at the door informing the men of the “scam”.

The mother-of-one revealed she was scared to go to the park or the gym or just walk down the street for fear she would be recognised and raped.

“What if I tried to fight them off and they thought it was all part of a sick fantasy?” she said.

The effects of the ordeal continued even after Kotynski was charged because she was still afraid of being recognised and it affected her relationship with her husband and newborn child, the court head.

“I had the most precious time a mother could have with her child taken away,” Mrs Night said.

When she found out who her tormentor was she was shocked, with her first reaction to tell the investigating officer to “f— off”.

“I felt physically sick that a man who had said he loved me was capable of doing something so vile and grotesque,” she said.

“After four years his reign of terror was over.”

Kotynski’s defence barrister, Deborah Holliday, called for a head sentence of three-and-a-half years, pointing to his early plea, co-operation with police and attempts at rehabilitation.

She said the offender was “very lonely” and suffering from anxiety at the time.

But Judge Clare imposed a head sentence of four-and-a-half years with no parole until May next year.

“You placed her and her family in real danger and you caused them to live in constant fear, ” she said.

Mrs Night stayed until Kotynski, bald and bearded in a dark, pin-striped suit, was led from the courtroom.

“Bye Ryan, have a fun time,” she said.

“I’m sure you’re going to love it in there.”

Source: Brisbanetimes