Brisbane city fog on boardwalk

The fog rolled into Brisbane city around 6:00am. Courtesy:
ABC News: Liz Pickering

Heavy fog has blanketed much of Brisbane, with the weather bureau saying the fog is widespread throughout Queensland’s south-east and inland parts of the state this morning.

“It formed overnight as there is plenty of moisture coming ashore over the last few days with the showery conditions.

“There’s plenty of moisture on the ground and with clear skies and light winds overnight allow the ground to cool down and form that fog, which is basically cloud on the ground level.”

Mr Crock said the fog should clear about 9:00am.

“It shouldn’t reach the [Brisbane] airport — so they should remain unaffected, which is good for air traffic flow — but it’s a pretty spectacular fog,” he said.

“We’ll see clear conditions for a few hours before a chance of a shower or storm later this afternoon.”