one-punch attack in queensland

The man falls to the ground after a coward punch. Courtesy: 7 News

Witnesses have filmed the sickening moment a young man was struck by a coward punch in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley. It was one of three early morning assaults in the designated Safe Night Precinct.

In the video, two men set upon one male on Saturday about 4.30am.

They surround him and while he pushes one of them off, a man standing behind him lands a punch to the back of his head.

He tumbles to the ground much to the horror of witnesses nearby.

Witnesses said he didn’t want to fight. He was approached by a group of up to six men.

Bystanders were too scared to step in.

They said he was attacked a second time by the same group. He was left shaken and bleeding but managed to walk away. He’s yet to make a complaint to police.

Anti-violence campaigner Paul Stanley said he was “absolutely disgusted” after viewing the video.

“I mean, that’s one of the more cowardly sights I’ve seen in a long time,” he said.

It was the third assault in the area in just over an hour.

At 3.15am, two men on Ann Street got into a verbal fight before a 21-year-old was hit the ground and knocked unconscious for 90 seconds.

Police found his attacker around the corner on Marshall Street. The 50-year-old man was too drunk to be interviewed.

On Wickham Street just 15 minutes later a a taxi rank supervisor was hit in the head by a 27-year-old who claimed he was “dissatisfied with the service”.

“They’re doing these crazy, stupid things and then turn around later on and say, ‘oh, I didn’t mean it to happen’,” Mr Stanley said.

“Well it’s too late when the person is being put into the back of a hearse.”