Senator Matt Canavan demands action over

Extinction Rebellion protesters block early morning peak hour traffic in Brisbane yesterday. Courtesy: AAP Image/Dave Hunt

PROTESTERS bringing Brisbane streets to a standstill are using paramilitary tactics and are the most extreme and radical voices in Australian politics since the rise of communism, according to Queensland Senator Matt Canavan.

Mr Canavan has called on the Greens to condemn the protests and for the Queensland Government to have “the guts and wherewithal to apply the full force of law here against people that are breaking Queensland laws”.

What I can’t understand is why the Greens political party does not condemn these paramilitary type of tactics that we are seeing in Australian politics,” he said.

“They present themselves as somehow neat and clean and people that might be like your uncle and aunty but they are supporting the most radical and extreme voices in politics that we’ve seen in Australia probably since the rise of communism and the Greens party should condemn this kind of behaviour.”

LNP Senator Susan McDonald said the protesters were holding the nation to ransom and their actions were unacceptable.

“It is absolutely not respecting other people when you bring a city to a halt, when you have children waiting for their parents, when you have people trying to make doctor’s appointments and … it could result in a death of people trying to get an ambulance to a hospital,” she said. “Now, this is unacceptable. It’s grandstanding, and it’s holding the nation to ransom and I don’t support it and I think the Greens should be calling out this behaviour.”