Please allow us to introduce a new Indian newspaper, soon to be launched in Brisbane. We call ourselves “Queensland Indian News”. We will be a new face in Indian print media in Queensland. Our aim is to contribute to building a better and stronger Indian community through a process of information gathering, sharing and partnership with the community.” We will therefore be informative, inclusive and investigative in our approach. In simple terms we see ourselves introducing a new approach to journalism when it comes to matters affecting individuals or the community as a whole.

“A prerequisite of democracy is the democratization of communication, which in turn requires the empowerment of individual” (Philip Lee, 1995). This is probably an apt quote to describe the direction The Queensland Indian News proposes to take. We believe that the community needs to be informed on many issues or matters concerning the community, both know and in future. Basically we want everyone – advertisers, readers, government at all levels, politicians, young and old, male and female to be part of communication exchange. The way forward is through exchange of information and be informed.

Initially we will be a bi-monthly (once every two months) publication. We invite you to help us to build a better community. We are happy to offer your business a special package deal to not only help us in our endeavours but to assist you to get your ‘business’ out to the community. Our approach to planning your advertisement for publication will be different and we will be happy to share our thoughts with you.

Please contact …………………. to discuss the matter further.

Yours faithfully