Keeva 3 and her baby sister

Queensland woman gives birth in ute for a second time. Courtesy: 9 News/Seanqlder_Dolly

A Caboolture couple have had the shock of their lives all over again, with their second daughter born in the same fashion as their first – on the way to hospital in the family ute.

Sean Dalton and his wife Rebecca felt more relaxed and prepared for the birth of Stella last week, but she arrived even faster than her three-year-old sister Keeva.

Ms Dalton said she woke to contractions about 12.35am Wednesday, and felt “slight pains” but did not think it was labour.

“Around two in the morning, I went to Sean very calmly and said I think we’re calling the hospital now… and on that phone call I had a contraction which was only two minutes apart,” she told 9NEWS.

The Daltons then got into their Triton and headed to hospital.

“I didn’t think it was going to happen as quick as what it did. Two minutes up the road (my) waters broke in the car.”

Mr Dalton said Stella was born in about seven minutes.

“I heard her sort of start having her contraction and then it just went silent and I’ve just gone ‘oh no, it’s happening again’,” he said.

“We knew everything was alright so we just kept powering on.”

The happy couple said the smooth process came down to “team work”.

“We make a good team so whatever it is, Sean drives well and I deliver well I guess,” Ms Dalton said.