Queensland Heatwaves - Natures Silent Killer

Heatwaves – Natures Silent Killer. Courtesy: CourierMail

Temperatures look finally set to tumble, as a cool change moves across southeast Queensland later this week.

Brisbane is tipped to reach a top of only 24C on Friday – down from Wednesday’s predicted scorcher of 33C.

Ipswich and the Gold Coast will also dip to 24C degrees by the end of the week, with the mercury still expected to linger above 30C until Wednesday.

The cooler weather will coincide with potential showers and light southeasterly winds.

The change is not expected to last long though, with temperatures expected to climb back to 29C in Brisbane by Monday.

A 7C increase in temperatures is also expected Ipswich, where the mercury will reach a top of 31C by the start of next week.


Meanwhile, a tropical low in the Coral Sea will be responsible for ideal surfing conditions this week at Queensland’s southern beaches.

A 2m easterly swell is forecast between Cape Moreton and Point Danger before a strong south-south-easterly wind change on Thursday.

Weatherzone’s Angus McLean-Smith said waves were likely to pick up on Thursday as well. “Expect to see a lot of surfers around the Gold Coast,” he said. “Winds will be southerly and quite strong, around 20-30km/h.”

The bureau has forecast ongoing cloudy weather and showers for much of the southeast for the rest of the week.

Mr McLean-Smith said there was the potential for an afternoon storm today.

“(Today) we’re looking at a top of 30C and a relatively humid day,” he said. “It’s likely to feel warmer … There might be a few showers about, but not any extensive totals. In the afternoon, there is a potential for a storm.”

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