Nurse allegedly abducted on Gold Coast as police hunt for alleged assailants

Police are looking for several men involved in the alleged robbery and abduction of a male nurse on Queensland’s Gold Coast. Courtesy: ABC News

A manhunt is underway after the alleged robbery and abduction of a male nurse on Queensland’s Gold Coast this morning.

About 3:30am, a 25-year-old man was held up by several men wearing balaclavas and armed with knives and a handgun near a Gold Coast hospital at Benowa, police said.

When he was unable to hand over cash he was allegedly forced into the boot of his own car and driven to an ATM at Parklands Drive at Parkwood to withdraw money.

The man was then placed back in the boot of his car and about 4:20am the car crashed into a fence on Kurrambee Avenue at Ashmore and the offenders fled, leaving the victim behind.

Witness Samantha MacDougal said she heard arguing in the street and then a car crashed through her fence.

“I looked out from my bedroom window … I saw a young man, he was covered in blood, obviously injured and he just looked up at me and said ‘help me’,” she said.

“He’d been hit in the face more than once, the whole side of his face was swelling and bruising … you could see that they cut him.”

She said she first thought he was a drunk driver until he explained that he had been kidnapped, robbed and assaulted.

“At first he couldn’t even tell me his name, he was in shock … the first thing he said to me was ‘they put a gun to my head’.”

Neighbours called emergency services and the man was taken to hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries.

Police said about 4:45am officers were called to another crash at Ashmore Road at Ashmore where a vehicle had rolled. Knives were located in that vehicle.

Officers said a man was found a short distance from this vehicle in Mingaletta Drive at Ashmore.

The man was taken to hospital with injuries he suffered in the crash and police are waiting to interview him.

The search is continuing for the other offenders.