Courtesy: Nolan Gould, Ariel Winter, Ty Burrell, Julie Bowen and Sarah Hyland as The Dunphy family.

Modern Family actor Sarah Hyland has revealed herself to be a fan of Aussie reality television.

And the Hollywood star says she wants more after seeing a trailer for the upcoming season of The Bachelor, starring hunky astrophysicist Matt Agnew.

Where can I watch this whole season?” Hyland wrote on Twitter, asking her 1.54 million followers how she can see more and shared a link to the trailer.

Hyland, 28, plays Haley Dunphy on hit US show, Modern Family.

Ironically, Bachelor screens on Channel 10 while Modern Family is on Seven so she inadvertently found herself promoting a rival network.
Modern Family: Nolan Gould, Ariel Winter, Ty Burrell, Julie Bowen and Sarah Hyland as The Dunphy family.

Hyland is prolific on Twitter and regularly posts about reality TV, including America’s Bachelor in Paradise and Big Brother.

This week, Ten revealed the first batch of female contestants for the upcoming season of Bachelor.

Among those to be vying for Agnew’s affections is civil engineer Sogand, who is described in the promo as being smart and articulate.

“I’m at a stage right now where I want to fall in love and share my life with someone,” she said.

“However; it’s extremely hard to find someone that is genuine, has the qualities I’m looking for, is ready to settle and wants me for who I am. I believe this show would allow me to get to know the Bachelor without any distractions from the outside world and ultimately make me fall on a deeper level for whom he really is and vise versa (hopefully).

“Also knowing how strict they are to pick the right girls, I can only imagine how strict they would have been with the Bachelor. This gives me faith to know that the Bachelor would possess many of the qualities the girls are looking for and most importantly, he is ready to find love.”

Among the other singletons set to compete for Agnew’s heart is 25-year-old China researcher Kristen, 25-year-old property analyst Abbie and 25-year-old health coach, Helena.