Photo Credits: Helen Selmeczy

The stage spectacular Meera The Production made its debut and world premiere in spectacular fashion at the Home of the Arts (HOTA) on Sunday 4th November evening.

Boasting a cast and crew of more than 300 Meera is the maiden venture from Aarti Bajaj’s production house Wild Dreamer Productions.

The production which was conceived written, directed and enacted by Ms Bajaj performed in front of a full house of 1,100 people and was comprised of an entire cast of Gold Coast and Brisbane performers.

Ms. Bajaj said the show’s concept was 14 years in the making with rehearsals taking 18 months of sweat and tears.

“I had the idea for the show 14 years ago but like all creative things, timing is everything,” she remarked.

Ms. Aarti added,“I had to take time to develop my style as an artist to fully realize that creative vision and I am so pleased with how it has come together.

A bold love story, it draws its plot from a 16th century Indian tale of a princess, the ardent devotee of Hindu Lord Krishna who firmly affirmed her life in love of him that she’ll go against all norms of society for it.

Ms. Bajaj has made it her mission to bring this burst of color to the Gold Coast and challenge any misconceptions about the art form.

“I wanted to take all of the religious aspects out, and only focus on the pureness of love in the story,” she said. Love is common for every living being, we all can have different religions and beliefs, but we all have one common expression, and that is love.

She added My goal is to break different boundaries using globalization and modernization to shine a light on different cultures and art forms.

There is so much more to explore in Indian dance, it is not properly propagated or spread in the wider world. The Indian arts is more than just Bollywood.

Ms Bajaj said she flew to India to source costumes and jewelry to create an authentic feel to the production.

The show features theatrical and musical numbers, with narration, opera singing and storytelling.
The music in the show is composed by renowned maestros from India and features dance styles from ballet to Indian contemporary, African contemporary, tap, aerial, pole and Indian classical dancing performed by amateurs from all background and ages.

14 years in the making, Aarti plans to take MEERA around Australia and the globe.