Mason Jet Lee found dead

Mason Jet Lee was found dead by paramedics on June 11, 2016. Courtesy: Facebook: Emmy Louise

The mother of toddler Mason Jet Lee has interrupted court proceedings, screaming “you killed my son”, where she and two others are facing manslaughter charges.

After hearing evidence about the injuries her son was found with when he died, Ann Marie Louise Lee got up from the dock and lunged towards her partner asking “what did you do to my son? You killed my son”, before being restrained by court security and told by the magistrate to keep quiet.

It is the first in a two-day committal hearing to determine whether she, her former partner William Andrew O’Sullivan, and 17-year-old Ryan Robert Barry Hodson, should stand trial for the manslaughter of the 21-month-old boy.

The boy was found by paramedics at Mr O’Sullivan’s home at Caboolture, north of Brisbane, on June 11 last year.

Mr Hodson was living at the home where Mason died, but Ms Lee was living elsewhere.

The court will hear from 13 witnesses, mostly medical professionals.

Police have alleged Mason had been vomiting for five days before his death and had widespread bruising.

It has been alleged he died from sepsis that was caused when his bowel was perforated by blunt force, possibly up to two days before his death, causing faecal matter to escape into his intestine and bloodstream.

Symptoms may not be obvious early, court told

Queensland Health forensic pathologist Dr Christopher Day told the court Mason’s death could have come quickly and his carers may only have noticed signs of deadly sepsis when it was too late.

“The symptoms may not be obvious early,” he said.

When he died, Mason also had a broken coccyx and scalp injuries that could have been inflicted a couple of days before he died, the court heard.

Another witness, Morayfield GP Dr Timothy Summers, told the court he gave a referral to one of the accused in January 2016 to send Mason to hospital with a suspected broken leg.

The court heard Mason was never taken to hospital.

Lawyers for Mr Hodson asked whether it was possible that Dr Summers had only recommended that the child go to hospital if he did not improve, but Dr Summers said no.

“I wanted him to be seen at the hospital,” Dr Summers said.

Dr Summers told the court could not remember which adult brought Mason in.

A Child Death Review Panel report into Mason’s death was handed to the Queensland Government but not publicly released earlier this year, because Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said she did not want to prejudice any court action.