international drug peddler in west bengal

Courtesy: One India

An international drug peddler was arrested by the Kolkata unit of the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB). The arrested is believed to be the ringleader of an international drug racket sourcing drugs from Myanmar and selling the same in Bangladesh. Drugs worth Rs. 18 lakhs were seized from him. 

The arrested Manirul Haque had arrived at Goshala-Mode in Lalgola to hand over the drugs to his associates. The sleuths from the NCB caught him red-handed. He was arrested. 1550 “Ya ba” pills were seized from his possession.

During interrogation Haque revealed that the drugs were sourced from Mayanmar and made its way to Lalgola in the Murshidabad district of West Bengal. Haque and his associates would then deliver the drugs to Bangladesh where “Ya ba” is in great demand and fetches a good price.

Lalgola, 206 km away from Kolkata is located in the Lalbagh subdivision of the Murshidabad district is in close proximity to the Bangladesh border.

The sleuths by interrogating Haque are trying to fish out the names of the others involved in this international drug smuggling ring.

Ya ba or “mad drug” was formerly known as Ya Ma of “Horse drug” is popular in Myanmar and Thailand. The pills contain a concoction of methamphetamine and caffeine. Methamphetamine is a stimulant drug.

Myanmar is the largest producer of methamphetamine in the world. It is popular in the Golden Triangle. In 2010 Myanmar allegedly smuggled 1 billion tablets to Thailand. There are widespread allegations that while ethnic militia and rebel groups are responsible for the production and smuggling of the drug.

Since 2006, Ya ba consumption became fashionable for the well-to-do in Bangladesh. Allegedly, Rohingya refugees were earlier hired to smuggle Ya ba from Myanmar into Bangladesh. In 2016, 359 Rohingyas were reportedly arrested on Ya ba smuggling charges.

Around $29 million worth of Ya ba were reportedly seized by the Bangladeshi authorities in 2016.