How State Government will achieve cuts to public service workforce

Treasurer Jackie Trad in Question Time. Courtesy: Dave Hunt/AAP

PUBLIC servants could be weeded out through voluntary redundancies under $1.7 billion in planned cuts across the workforce.

Treasurer Jackie Trad confirmed today that while forced redundancies had been made off limits to the specialist razor gang set up to claw back escalating Government expenses, they will be able to seek voluntary redundancies if they find surplus staff.

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“Voluntary redundancies are part of every single EBA that’s negotiated between the workforce and the unions and the Government,” Ms Trad said when asked about the possibility.

“There are voluntary redundancy clauses now in every single EBA.

But our employment security policy, which we brought in in 2015 and we have absolutely recommitted to, is about employment security and no forced redundancies.”

The Service Priority Review Office has been told to find $200 million in savings next year, rising to $500 million annually every year after as the Government tries to rein in its wages bill, set to hit $25.4 billion in 2019-20 — $1.3 billion more than this year.

Ms Trad said the office would make sure taxpayers’ money was being spent “wisely” on services, programs and jobs that were Government priorities.

“We think that there are savings to be made in contracting, in outsourcing, in travel budgets,” she said.

“We think there is savings to be made and we are determined to make those savings so that Queensland taxpayers know that we are spending their money wisely.”