From the President’s desk – Gold Coast Hindu Cultural Association – 14th April 2017

Dear friends and supporters,

The Gold Coast Hindu Cultural Association wishes all a Happy New Year!

Hindus all over the world celebrate their New Year in March/ April. Most of them are on the first day of the month Chithirai, the first month in the Hindu Solar Calendar. This falls around 13th or 14th of April in the Georgian calendar. There are some regional variation in Indian states and countries in South East Asia depending on whether the Solar calendar or Lunar calendar is followed. States like Tamil Nadu (Puthandu), Kerala (Vishu), Manipur, Tripura, number of states in North and Central India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Burma, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand follow the Solar calendar while, Indian states like Andhra (Ugadi), Karnataka, Maharashtra celebrate on the first day of the lunar cycle which falls in March or April in the Georgian calendar.

The New Year is celebrated as an auspicious day with Hindus going to temple to receive the blessing to start the year with new hope. It is common tradition to start a new business on this auspicious day with the blessing of God. It is a long held tradition for Hindus to do the first cash transaction in the temple or receive Kai visesam, which means receive a coin from a respected elder in the community or Temple Priest. Hindus also start the New Year by doing their first transaction by donating to a charity or by participating in charitable activities. Hindus decorate their home entrance with “Kolam” a decoration on the floor with coloured rice flour and hang mango leaves, and greet friends and family, serving Pongal made with rice and sweet jaggery.

In the New Year, GCHCA takes renewed steps to revitalize the fund-raising activities and public awareness campaign. The Association supported number of music programs, which include a concert by our volunteer and instrumentalist Darshil Shah (Bansuri) hosting Bart Stenhouse and Surojato Roy on 8th of April in Robina. We are organising a fund raising event in collaboration with the Brisbane Chapter of Vedanta Centre “An evening of exquisite dances” presented by a well-known artist group from Dubai, Klassical Rhythms Dubai. The event is on Friday 26th May at 6.30pm in Nerang Bicentennial Community Centre. Tickets can be purchased through our website:

The Association has created an online donation facility through platform for one-off or regular contributions via credit card or direct debit. Any donations over $2 to the Building donation account is tax deductible. We request our supporters and well-wishers to join as a life member or join 1000 families for Murugan program or make a regular monthly contribution.

As per the Hindu tradition, GCHCA donation is an opportunity to start the New Year with a charity.

Thank you,

(Dr G. Subakumar)