Egyptian dance team performing on stageKairali Brisbane celebrated its 10th Anniversary recently. Renowned artists from different parts of Australia and also from New Zealand participated in the celebrations.

The celebrations were marked by a Kairali theme song, followed by presentations from singers from various states of Australia as well as from New Zealand. Among the singers who entertained the audience were Ravi Chettan from New Zealand, Mareena from Sydney, and Anoop and Varsha from Melbourne.

Dance items were also one of the attractions of the event. Grace Reji and team, Manu and team, Jimmy Joy and team, an Egyptian dance team, choreographed by Sarah Mathews, Natananjali School of Dance, Kathak team, Punjabi Bangara Academy, Gujarati Dance Group and Taiko Japanese Drums were among the dance performers at Swaranjali.

Dona Sony was awarded the 2019 Kairali Academic Excellence Trophy.

Besides the cultural activities, a sumptuous feast was also organised on the occasion. Councillor Angela Owen, Archana Singh, Honorary Consul of Indian, Brisbane, Dr Ram Mohan, President, FICQ, Srikumar Madathil, President, MAQ, and Jaimohan, President, SMA, were among the guests who attended the event.

Kairali Brisbane is one of the most active South Indian community organisations in Brisbane, and it organises more than 10 events every year. It organises cultural events like Onam, Christmas and Easter; sports events; and workshops for kids.