Chennai restaurant claims to have made world's longest dosa
Chef Vinoth said the dosa had been made on a 105-foot pan. Courtesyy: TOI

Chefs working in Saravana Bhavan, a Chennai-based private restaurant, claims to have made the world’s largest dosa.

A team containing 60 chefs, headed by Vinoth Kumar who is a five-time world record holder, made a 100-foot-long dosa on the IIT-Madras campus on Friday.

Previously, Hotel Daspalla, Ahmedabad, held the record for longest dosa to be made in the world, according to an official release. The dosa measured 16.68 metre (54 feet 8.6 inches), and the feat was performed in 2014.

The 100-foot-dosa was prepared by using 37.5kg of batter. As much as 10kg of rice flour, two kilograms chickpeas along with other essential ingredients had been used to make the dosa, the release add.

Chef Vinoth said the dosa had been made on a 105-foot pan specially made for the purpose in coordination with the engineering team of Saravana Bhavan.

The pan had been maintained at the temperature of 180-200 degrees Celsius to ensure that the dosa batter would not set immediately, he added.