Brisbane school gives more than 100 students detention over shoes

The school’s shoe guide indicated Mary-Jane, slipper style, VANs or Dr Marten style shoes were not accepted. Courtesy: Brisbane Times

More than 100 Brisbane high school students have been given a detention for wearing the wrong shoes. 

The Gap State High’s new uniform policy has angered parents who say they cannot afford to discard shoes that were acceptable in previous years. 

“It’s kind of uniform policy gone mad,” parent Karen Bishop told ABC Radio Brisbane on Tuesday. 

Ms Bishop said she doesn’t want her daughter’s education to be affected by being sent to detention. 

“It’s just crazy,” she added. 

Queensland Teachers Union President Kevin Bates confirmed 103 students had been sent to detention but defended the policy. 

“The crucial thing here is that this is the school uniform policy that’s been determined through consultation with the local community, with parents. It’s approved by the P&C,” Mr Bates told ABC Radio Brisbane. 

Mr Bates was concerned the issue had caused arguments between parents on social media and said the appropriate channel for discussion was P&C meetings. 

“I think the P&C meeting next Monday night will be a lot fuller than what it usually is,” Ms Bates said.