Rangoon promotions: Kangana Ranaut almost slapped host Sugandha Mishra for mimicking her

Kangana Ranaut gets angry after Sugandha Mishra mimics her. Courtesy:Indian Express

Kangana Ranaut, who plays Miss Julia in her upcoming film Rangoon, is not leaving any chance to draw all attention towards her. From television shows to promotional events she is surely doing everything like the ‘hero’ of her film as she stands out very prominently wherever she goes. The actor recently took the film on sets of television reality show The Voice Of India Season 2 with her co-star Shahid Kapoor.

While Kangana and Shahid were having a gala time with the little kids on the sets of The Voice India Kids 2, as special guests of the episode, show’s host and comedienne Sugandha Mishra allegedly offended the Queen actor. It so happened that singers Salim Merchant and Shaan, who appear as coaches on the show, started to pull Sugandha’s leg asking her to mimic Kangana in front of her.

And when the Sugandha took up the challenge and mimicked Kangana, the actor was left fuming. According to an IANS report, Kangana didn’t take the joke sportingly and in a harsh tone commented,”I feel like slapping her.”

But being the host of the show, Sugandha didn’t take the comment to her heart and continued with the shoot. A source from the sets said, “It was a nail biting moment after Kangana’s shocking statement. It surely was an awkward moment for Sugandha, but she took it in a sporting spirit and continued with the shoot.”

Earlier during the shooting of The Kapil Sharma Show, Shah Rukh Khan too had left Sugandha in tears when he told her that she is a bad performer and should refrain from dancing. But later the Baadshah of Bollywood brought a smile to her by revealing that all he said was just a prank. But this time, it doesn’t look like that.

Meanwhile, the episode featuring the Rangoon stars will also witness the new-daddy of Bollywood Shahid Kapoor learning nursery rhymes ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ and ‘Humpty Dumpty’ from the little wonders of the show. We must say, Misha has a daunting father.

Source: Indian Express