A Stanthorpe man has publicly apologised for getting drunk and breaking the town’s Christmas tree.

The tree was broken on Sunday morning about 2.30am, according to a Stanthorpe council spokeswoman.

“Some youths were recorded by our CCTV getting up to some mischief,” the spokeswoman said.

“One of them climbed the tree and it broke.”

Nineteen-year-old ‎Isaac Hartley-Simpson‎ posted a contrite message on the Stanthorpe On Facebook community page apologising for his actions.

“Id like to make a formal apology for my actions last night, as everyone might know the town christmas tree was damaged,” he wrote on Sunday.

“I am aware being intoxicated was no excuse in the incident, i really am sorry im part of this town as well and i dont like seeing things get damaged [sic].”

Mr Hartley-Simpson said while he chose to make that “silly decision”, he hoped the town “can forgive me for my actions”.

However Senior Sergeant Mark Ireland of the Stanthorpe Police Station said the apology “doesn’t fly” with him, as it only happened after the young man was charged.

“I’m quite certain an apology wouldn’t have been forthcoming if he hadn’t been caught,” he said.

“He may be genuine but we quite often see this when we charge people. It’s always good for them to say they’ve apologised.”

Senior Sergeant Ireland said the 19-year-old, as well as a 24-year-old woman, had been charged with wilful damage over the incident.

As for the tree, council workers cordoned off the tree that morning, and made temporary repairs earlier this week.

The senior sergeant said the $11,000 tree had been “totally destroyed”, a disappointment for the “decent people with their children who appreciate a beautiful Christmas tree in a main street”.

The Stanthorpe Information Centre posted a photo of the broken tree on their Facebook, suggesting people should “remember to alternate alcohol with a glass of water in this hot weather.”

Source: http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/queensland/stanthorpe-man-apologises-for-being-drunk-breaking-town-christmas-tree-20161220-gtf8q6.html